Alexandra K Murphy | Copywriter

Alexandra Murphy

I’m a copywriter and editor with 8 years experience creating content for e-commerce, editorial, digital marketing and social media.  


I have experience working for high-street brands and boutique retailers, plus fast-paced digital publications. You might have come across my work on M&, Amazon, Barclays, Lacoste or Mulberry.

I also teach yoga - if you’re looking for that, I have a separate website: it’s here.

 Examples of my work

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SEO-boosting, returns-reducing product descriptions are my speciality. I've written for designers from Lacoste to Mulberry, and for big high-street names like M&S.

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Homepage copy & content planning

For four years, I managed the M& homepage, a page that receives over 2 million visits per week. I wrote headlines, copy and CTAs - and analysed the data in real time to ensure that the copy was doing what it needed to.

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Customer communications

I’ve crafted engaging, effective emails for a variety of brands, with the intention of showcasing new products, selling tickets for events or seeking out new sign-ups.

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site content

From blog posts to buying guides, I have helped to craft inspirational features for clients such as M&S, Barclays, and Amazon - plus my own site - and more.

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